Benefits of buying an Auction Property

Buying a luxury home at a PEAC Auction is not only exhilarating, but more importantly transparent and efficient. We ensure that the entire process from Showing to Closing is a smooth one, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free transition into your spectacular new home. Here are some of the many benefits of buying at a PEAC Auction:

  • 1No guessing what you have to pay to win We eliminate the common home-buying stressor of not knowing how much to offer by making a multiple offer situation completely transparent - you will hear what everyone else is bidding on the property. You will end up paying only what you're willing to pay, and not worrying that your "offer" is far too high. As the winner, you will have proof that there were one or more buyers that were willing to pay just a small increment below your winning bid!
  • 2It's Easy! All that is due on Auction Day is a 10% Deposit check, and financing is allowed and encouraged (please make arrangements prior to Auction). Then, there is a 45-day non-contingent close, with all financing contingencies and due-diligence performed before the auction; this makes the escrow process virtually effortless. In fact, we have a close rate of 99%!
  • 3Opportunity Many properties that end up at auction are unique homes with few comparables that have not been price motivating enough to garner much if any interest...until now; A great thing about buying at an auction is that buyers often get a deal that they may not have found through traditional home-buying means. Also, all bids are final, so the winning bidder does not have to worry about counter-offers coming in.
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