Hybrid Brokerage Program


When Solutions aren't black or white

Premiere Estates Auction Company announces its HYBRID brokerage program, designed specifically to deliver optimal sales results for challenging real estate assets in a declining market. When local brokers or agents (basic MLS and open house exposure) arent successful in selling your property, and/or it doesnt fit into traditional liquidation style sales, the HYBRID brokerage program is the right sales option for you. This program is unique in that it offers something that no other sales program does - it combines Premiere Estates expertise with local area agents and the speed, efficiency and excitement of the auction process. In addition, no two HYBRID brokerage programs are exactly the same-theyre tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and their property.


  • AGING INVENTORY: Properties that have been on the market for over 120 days.
  • ELEVATED VALUE: Properties that have an elevated value in comparison to others in the same market (i.e., luxury properties or those with limited comparables)
  • CONCENTRATED INVENTORY: Multiple, like properties close in proximity (i.e. same development, city, zip code).
  • Builder inventory or multiple units within a single development or community.

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