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Premiere Estates Auction Company is proud to announce the first-ever North American Absolute** Auction; we’re actively seeking ultra-luxury properties across North America, and inviting you to submit potential candidates in your area and partner with us.

When your listing is identified and selected for this event, you will receive a $15,000 bonus in addition to your listing commission.

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Why should I participate?


Sell in 60-90 days

Seller pays NO commissions

Sell in “As-Is” condition

Commissions paid

Close by end of year

Sell at Market Value
(because we bring the market to you)

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What’s in it for my seller?


There are a host of excellent reasons for your seller to participate in Premiere’s Worldbid auction program.

One of the greatest benefits of participating in the North American Absolute Auction *specifically* is that your seller’s estate will recieve unprecedented global exposure at a fraction of the cost of our single-property marketing campaigns.  The marketing cost to sellers for each luxury property in this auction is a flat fee of $25,000, but the pooled nature of the auction’s marketing budget assures that each property will recieve exponentially more exposure than if it were marketed individually. We call this approach Exponential Marketing.

We’ve put together a digital brochure to answer any questions your seller may have about Premiere’s auction process and the specific benefits of participating in the North American Absolute** Auction.  It’s free to download below.

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** Sellers may choose their sale platform, and reserve the right to set a reserve price.