Strategic Marketing

Premiere Estates Auction Company's award-winning marketing and advertising team has over 40 years of multimedia experience, from national advertising agencies such as Young & Rubicam and InterRepublic Group to entertainment companies such as Lionsgate Film Corporation, MTV, and E! Television. Periodicals such as the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have featured articles about the success of our auction programs

PEAC's strategic marketing plans are designed to be a perfect match to each property and seller's situation. We have a unique advantage in the marketplace in that we are not one-dimensional in our marketing and sales approach. Our campaigns are designed to maximize exposure in the most economical, cost-effective way, suiting the specific needs of the real estate. Before a marketing campaign is compiled, PEAC conducts a very thorough analysis of the property and demographics of the target market. This analysis takes into account where buyers come from as well as the best sources to reach these buyers. Once these findings are complete, they are matched with the price of the property, the seller's budget, and the seller's opinion of how much they want to invest in creating exposure for their property.

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