We’re Luxury Real Estate Auction Specialists. Premiere Estates Auction Company was founded in 2001, and built on its founders’ sound belief in the power of global-level accelerated marketing combined with the urgency of the auction methodology.  Using this winning combination, Premiere Estates helps homeowners receive the maximum value for their properties – and quickly – while partnership with real estate agents to help them grow their business.  Since Premiere Estates was founded, we have auctioned over $1 billion of the world’s finest estates for some of the world’s most prominent sellers.


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Our Success Stories


  • “Thank you to you and your team. Very happy to finally get my estate sold.”

    Richard Pritzlaff

    Estate Owner

  • “Calling Premiere Estates was the most profitable decision I have made all year long. Not only did I not have to spend a dime in marketing, the home sold at auction in just six weeks, the buyer closed early, I received $233,000 in commissions and they promoted my name in the marketplace for free. It was the biggest pay day of my career to date and the most profitable. I can’t wait to do another transaction with them.”


    Steve Aslanian


  • “Our auction process with Michael Schwartz and Premiere Estates Auction Company was a beautifully orchestrated piece of teamwork between what we do and what they do. Had we not executed the auction process, I believe the property would still be on the market today. What is important to me is the trust we built between each other their realization that what is good for us and our client is good for them. That can be hard to come by with other auctioneers has been my experience. There is a lot on the line with this kind of deal. The trust needs to be there…and it is.”


    Mike Franklin


  • “All I have to say is thank you Premiere Estates Auction Company! I knew if I had to sell these 13 condominiums traditionally, I would have to live at these open houses for over a year. I can’t believe you sold all of them in one day! And thanks for the commission checks in record time.”


    Uni Mayesh


  • “To get the listing I knew I had to bring something unique to the table…the massive reach that Premiere Estates could bring in partnership with me to the seller allowed me to best represent the seller and get my $14 million listing sold.”


    Jeff Knowles


  • “While marketing my listing over six weeks, Premiere Estates Auction Company brought in more than 2,200 buyers, which meant hundreds of leads for me after the auction. The partnership was a win-win for everyone involved.”


    Dorothy Phillips