Flashback Friday

In recent years, Premiere Estates Auction Company has become known for selling historic estates in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.  Today, we’re reflecting back where our expertise started, with the historic Brandon Plantation located in Brandon, Virginia.

In 2012, we were approached by a client who was interested in Premiere Estates procuring the sale of The Brandon Plantation – the oldest continuously operating farm in the United States.  The Estate counted two former U.S. Presidents as previous owners, and had entertained countless political and historical figures throughout its over 100 year history.   Our Vice President of National Sales, Michael Schwartz was the agent to head up this initiative.   Michael was struck by the Estate’s rich historical importance, its custom design by Thomas Jefferson, and its uncanny likeness to the Premiere Estates Auction Company logo – the home on the Estate was nearly identical to the home on our logo.  The Estate and Premiere Estates Auction Company were a match made in heaven.

The Brandon Plantation campaign was one of our most successful to date, attracting unprecedented exposure, international inquiries and ultimately winning huge awards for the success of the campaign.  The end result was a sales price that greatly exceeded the bank’s appraisal and Seller’s expectations.   The new owner requested anonymity and non-disclosure of the final sales price, but we can say that both the Buyer and the Seller were extremely pleased with the end result.

Since the resounding success of the Brandon Plantation, we’ve worked on incredible estates like Talisman Plantation, Green Plains Waterfront Estate, and many more.   It’s a unique market we’ve cornered here, but we’re proud to be a part of the sales of some of America’s finest historical estates.  We’re reflective today; sometimes you have to look back at where you’ve been to see where you’re going.  What President’s home will we auction next?  Stay tuned.