Premiere’s Auction Data Form

You have a listing that you suspect is an ideal candidate for the auction process, and the seller is itching to get it sold….but what’s the next step? How do you get this ball rolling?

In Episode 10 of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky discusses Premiere’s Auction Data Form, which is our primary info-gathering tool for new properties. Using the data you (as the listing agent) provide allows us to more specifically tailor a sales platform and marketing plan that best fits the property’s unique traits and the seller’s needs.

Have a property in mind? Download our Auction Data Form here.

How To Identify An Auction Candidate

At Premiere Estates, we believe that the sale process for a property should be tailored to the property’s specific traits, desired price point, position within the larger market and overall condition. The first step we take when considering a new property for our auction process is to ensure a good fit; not every estate is a good auction candidate.

The best and most successful auction candidates meet three specific criteria; in today’s episode of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky explains these in greater detail.