Premiere Performer: An Invitation to Agents

Premiere Estates Auction Company is proud to partner with some of the top agents throughout the United States throughout all of the top notch brokerages such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and more. 2016 has been an incredible year to date with highlights including the successful sale of Emerald Bay and The Pond Estate…and we’re now looking to grow our team.

We are seeking a handful of highly motivated, entrepreneurial residential agents with a proven track record of success to join us. A Premiere Performer is innovative, bold, and has experience within the luxury real estate market. Our Premiere Performers are able to stay within your current brokerage and market – this is an opportunity to grow your current business and market share, all while maintaining your full commission.

The growth opportunities are exponential! Watch the above video to learn more about becoming a Premiere Performer. Let’s get started today!

The Top 5 Craziest Luxury Real Estate Extras

Just how far will someone go to sell their luxury real estate property?  In today’s competitive market, Premiere Estates has seen every conceivable extravagant amenity, such as our Palm Springs helipad, a private car collector’s 100+ car garage, a home away from home for one of the nation’s premiere sports teams, and so much more.  But the latest trend in luxury real estate includes not only these extravagant amenities, but bonus perks including a yacht, Rolls Royce, or private chef for a year.   Rounding up the top 5 most extravagant real estate perks are:

  1. Around-the-clock chauffeur service with a Tesla Model X and personal chauffeur – Purchase a luxurious Miami pad, and the seller will throw in private chauffeur service for one year.  The chauffeur is available at your convenience, 24 hours a day, to take you anywhere your heart desires.
  2. Personalized art gallery – One seller offers the option to include a professionally-curated art gallery in the purchase of the estate, including rare artwork from Pablo Picasso and an original Andy Warhol.
  3. Buy a home, get a yacht –  A stunning Bal Harbour estate also includes a custom-designed, 55-foot yacht, plus staff for one year.  Says architect/designer Brent Oppenheim of both the home and the yacht, “Our goal was to create not just a home, but the best lifestyle experience available from land to sea.”
  4. Exclusive access to a private restaurant – Purchase a pad at New York’s renowned 432 Park Avenue building and you’ll receive unlimited exclusive access to a 5-star restaurant helmed by noted chef Shaun Hergatt.
  5. The sweetest treat – Fall in love with an out-of-this-world mansion, and you’ll receive the sweetest perk of all – an enormous candy wall that stocks over 25 different kinds of candy and reportedly costs over $200,000 to stock. *

The latter half of 2016 has shown a challenging real estate market, and particularly declining sales for luxury real estate in major markets.  Do you want to help your home stand out in this crowded market?  It may be much easier than including a yacht, chef, or other extravagant perk.  Learn how Premiere Estates can create a global bespoke marketing plan to separate your property from all the rest.

*Source: Business Insider