Employee Spotlight: Lori Steele

As a new addition to the team, let’s take the time to get to know Lori Steele, who specializes in corporate business development. Welcome, Lori!

Where are you from and where did you attend school?
I’m from Tennessee, Texas and Florida. I began college at University of FL on scholarship, transferred to UCLA and ended up staying on the west coast.

How did you end up in Manhattan Beach?
I traveled almost every weekend to Manhattan Beach to surf, but my work in Miracle Mile and West Hollywood made living here a non-option. However, once I began consulting for large corporations, that all changed. I could not imagine living in any other area of Los Angeles!

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
Growing up in The South made me a huge fan of DYI: rehabbing homes, working on cars, organizing and making things visually appealing…sometimes WAY out-of-the-box. I also love singing, wine tasting, yoga and my dog, Maddy; not necessarily in that order. In addition, I’ve created a program called Girls Are Important to inspire purpose, value and self-esteem into tween girls. Near and dear to my heart, this is something I’m committed to be a part of for the rest of my life.

When and why did you join Premiere Estates?
As an addition to the Premiere family in the Fall of 2016, I could not be happier. The management team recognized my diverse experience across marketing, client management and real estate – that they tailor made an opportunity for me.

What is your primary role?
Providing innovative solutions to today’s real estate challenges in order to maximize assets, secure sell-through and safeguard interests.

What is your primary strength you offer to clients?
I genuinely care about the people that I work with.

What career advice do you have to offer?
Kick perfectionism to the curb. It prevents you from going after your goals for fear of….not being perfect.