Should I Auction or List?

Sell in 90 Days or Less
By specifying a date on which you would like to sell, you create a sense of urgency with potential buyers, which quickly accelerates the sales process.

Worldwide Marketing
Our marketing team creates a focused advertising campaign designed to provide maximum visibility of your property. Our strategy will elevate awareness and bring the Buyers to you!

Eliminate Carrying Cost
Premiere Estates helps you eliminate the costs that decrease equity by setting the date for sale. This enables you to net the highest price possible for your property under any market conditions.

Regain Control
Premiere Estates helps you to eliminate the negotiation process. You determine the terms and conditions (i.e. nonrefundable earnest deposits, closing time frames, and more). You set the time and date of the sale so potential buyers know you are committed and are ready to bid on auction day!

Create Transparency
Premiere Estates offers multiple bidding platforms that allow the level of price transparency you desire. Our processes create a fair and open transaction for all parties.

Establish Fair Market Price
Appraising luxury homes can be challenging because they generally have few comparables. Auctions establish the fair market price on that day, which creates unlimited upside potential.

Close in 45 days or less
Our sales are contingency-free, giving you the confidence to plan your next step. We have a 100% closing rate once properties go under contract.

Uncertain Sale Date
It’s possible that your property will remain on the market for months or years. This could lead to a series of price reductions to encourage buyer interest, which ultimately eats away at the profits.

Needle in the Haystack
Your property will be one of many that are minimally advertised. This creates a heavy reliance on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where your property can get lost in a sea of listings.

Continued Equity Erosion
A property that remains on the market for an extended period becomes a drain on you and your equity. These costs (including mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.) can add up to thousands of dollars a month.

No Leverage in a Buyers’ Market
In a buyers’ market, the buyer is in control of the sales process. To put it simply, buyers are waiting for price reductions and want to negotiate and renegotiate all aspects of the sale.

Closed Door Negotiations
Buyers do not compete directly so the broker and seller have to negotiate the sale. Buyers may actually pay less than if they had competed face-to-face.

Over Price or Under Price Your Property
Over priced properties generate little to no interest, which results in an extended stay on the market. Under priced properties sell for far less than they are worth because they leave room only to negotiate further down.

Closing Date Extensions
Closing on a property with any contingencies can prove to be a time-consuming process that is both difficult and frustrating.

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