How To Identify An Auction Candidate

At Premiere Estates, we believe that the sale process for a property should be tailored to the property’s specific traits, desired price point, position within the larger market and overall condition. The first step we take when considering a new property for our auction process is to ensure a good fit; not every estate is a good auction candidate.

The best and most successful auction candidates meet three specific criteria; in today’s episode of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky explains these in greater detail.

Asking the Experts

Premiere Estates Auction Company makes it our business to keep abreast of the latest and greatest in all things real estate, including the newest design and architecture trends. We frequently work with the industry’s top experts to consult on our incredible estates, and often refer our clients to architects, designers, and consultants to make their estate decorating and design dreams become a reality.

On this week’s episode of Premiere Pulse, we’re interviewing some of our favorite architects about hot new trends in the décor and design world. These experts share their insider tips and tricks about what’s new, what’s hot, and what provides the most value.