Why Do Agents Partner with Premiere Estates?


Premiere’s auction platforms are the proven way to achieve maximum value for your listing in the shortest possible time frame.

Auctions create a sense of urgency with buyers, giving buyers a one-time chance opportunity to purchase a property.

Our Sellers are motivated, committed…and ready to sell for market value.

Buyer interest and excitement increases because of the perceived value or opportunity that only our auctions can generate.

Our marketing department has the global expertise to create strategic, aggressive marketing plans, finding the right buyers in the right places.

Want to Get Paid?

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How Our Proprietary Auction Programs Benefit You


You receive your FULL commission.

Your listing sells as-is, with no contingencies, to pre-qualified buyers.

Property exposure is maximized through our worldwide accelerated marketing platforms, at no cost to you. Your name is co-branded on all marketing materials, providing exponential benefits for your future business.

Upside potential is unlimited with regard to sale price and new client opportunities.

Our Worldbid Auction Process


Premiere Estates discusses our auction process and marketing plan.

Premiere Estates and seller define expectations.

Seller reviews proposal and budget.

Seller, broker and Premiere Estates execute contract.


Photographs, videography, market information, and due diligence are collected.

Custom marketing campaign commences for a period of 45-60 days.

Open houses are conducted, as well as showings and inspections.


Offers may be presented and accepted during the duration of the marketing campaign.

Bids due no later than the auction day.

Buyer provides non-refundable deposit.


Sale closes in 45 days or less.

Premiere Estates has a 100% closing rate once property is under contract.

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