Why should I auction my property?

Bespoke Marketing

Premiere Estates Auction Company performs an aggressive worldwide buyer search using accelerated marketing on a local, national and global level.

Maximum Exposure

Our marketing strategy produces maximum exposure for your property worldwide; we accomplish this by targeting potential buyers, brokers, and investors through an aggressive campaign that includes a strong mix of traditional, digital and new media.

Worldwide Bidding

Our proprietary WorldBid platforms allow prospective buyers to bid from anywhere in the world.

Premiere Clients

Premiere Estates has long standing relationships with elite agents, high profile athletes, business managers, investors, and talent agents from all over the world who have access to serious and qualified buyers.

Proprietary Client Database

Our marketing campaigns target a proprietary database of potential buyers consisting of high net-worth individuals, corporations and professional athletes.

Identify Market Value

Our bespoke marketing campaigns reach an average of 3 Million potential buyers throughout the course of the campaign; at the close of our bespoke marketing campaigns, we’ve identified and made every conceivable buyer aware of your property.   True market value is identified through our auctions.

Sense of Value

When buyers compete, sellers win.  Buyers hear the word ‘auction,’ and perceive a stronger sense of value than a standard listing.  Buyers are significantly more likely to submit a bid at our auctions then present a formal offer during standard brokerage.  The influx of new buyers during our auctions brings the highest possible market value to your property.

Broker Participation

We encourage broker/agent participation and ensure that they are fully compensated. Support from the local broker community results in maximum exposure to brokers and potential buyers.

Sense of Urgency

With a defined end date in site, our auctions create a sense of urgency like no other real estate sales medium can.  Buyers feel the need to move quickly and with precision to capitalize on a limited time only deal.

Auction or List?

Our Worldbid Auction Process

Premiere For Sellers

Premiere Estates discusses our auction process and marketing plan.

Premiere Estates and seller define expectations.

Seller reviews proposal and budget.

Seller, broker and Premiere Estates execute contract.

Premiere For Sellers

Photographs, videography, market information, and due diligence are collected.

Custom marketing campaign commences for a period of 45-60 days.

Open houses are conducted, as well as showings and inspections.

Premiere For Sellers

Offers may be presented and accepted during the duration of the marketing campaign.

Bids due no later than auction day.

Buyer provides non-refundable deposit.

Premiere For Sellers

Sale closes in 45 days or less.

Premiere Estates has a 100% closing rate once property is under contract.

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