Premiere Pulse is the new web series from Premiere Estates Auction Company.  Every two weeks, we’ll be bringing you the latest real estate trends, auction and sale updates, marketing tips, luxury lifestyle happenings, Premiere Estates news and so much more.

How Much Land Is Too Much? (EP18)
Can you ever own too much land? It’s the American dream right? But is there any time when more land might hurt the value of a home? In this episode discusses how you could actually lose money with more land.

Online Price Estimates (EP17)
Can you trust online pricing estimates? Are they accurate? If so, when? If not, why not? Learn the inside scoop on why online pricing estimates may not be the best way to figure out how much your home is really worth.

Behind the Scenes on Auction Day (EP16)
Auction Day can be exciting and confusing for those who’ve never participated in a property auction; in this episode of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky takes you behind the scenes of a Premiere Estates auction event.

How to Conduct an Incredible Property Showing (EP15)
Staging and the little details make a gigantic difference to a buyer walking into a home for the first time. Follow Ed’s steps to conducting an incredible property showing and get your home sold!

The True Value of Your Home (EP14)
What’s your property really worth, and how does price per square foot factor into a home price? In this episode of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky discusses how to assess the true value of a home.

The Auction Process (EP13)
Ed Kaminsky goes over the auction process in detail. What can you expect when buying a home at auction?

Real Estate Event Marketing (EP12)
In this episode, we learn what makes an open house (or any marketing event) successful. Learn how to target your buyer pool, make the event experience cohesive, interact with your audience…and how to market your even to the right people.

The Art of Flipping Houses (EP11)
Ed shares the five most common mistakes buyers/investors make when flipping homes.

Submitting an Auction Candidate (EP10)
In Episode 10 of Premiere Pulse, Ed Kaminsky walks us through Premiere’s Auction Data Form, which is filled out by a potential auction candidate’s listing agent and is key to determining whether a property is a good fit for the auction process.

How to Identify an Auction Candidate (EP09)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed discusses what kinds of homes make great auction candidates.

Architect Special (EP08)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed speaks with designer Phil Norman, Architect Doug Leach and builder Steve Lazar about current trends and design tips.

Premiere Performer (EP07)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed sends an invitation to real estate agents that want to increase their income and expand marketing into a worldwide auctioning platform. Marketing Director Peyton Toomey and top Premiere Performer Carmen Galzerano, explain what Premiere Estates Auction Company offers Premiere Performers. Join the team today!

ROI on Remodeling (EP06)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed discusses some tips on remodeling to get a good return on your investment.

Finding Global Buyers (EP05)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed discusses what it takes to reach buyers on a global scale. Luxury real estate and the auction process require marketing efforts on the local, regional, national and international levels. Ed discusses how Premiere Estates Auction Company is doing that for each and every property auction they’re involved in.

Caribbean Initiative (EP04)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, get a sneak peak of the most beautiful properties going up for auction in the Caribbean Basin. Premiere Estates is auctioning off ultra-luxury homes in multiple countries. The auction starts June 18th. Now is your chance to get your dream vacation home!

Make Your Property Stand Out In a Crowded Marketplace (EP03)
In this episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kaminsky, Ed discusses what you can do as a home seller to help your home stand out in a crowded marketplace with a lot of other homes on the market. In today’s real estate world, making your home stand out is a challenge and Premiere Estates Auction Company has the tools to help. Find out how!

The Value of a Personal Basketball Court (EP02)
In this March Madness episode of Premiere Pulse with Ed Kamisky of Premiere Estates Auction Company, Ed discusses the value of a personal basketball court and other custom luxury home features not found in many homes. Ed also has a game of 1-on-1 “HORSE” or in this case “PULSE” with Personal Trainer to the stars Ryan Lauderdale.

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