Strategic Marketing

The goal of a Premiere Estates marketing campaign is to secure the highest possible purchase price for our client’s properties by developing highly effective marketing communications that engage potential buyers to take action. Our bespoke marketing campaigns include a cutting edge mix of digital, new and traditional media.   Every marketing piece we produce is developed from conceptualized strategy, compelling creative design and custom personalization to specific property type and potential buyer markets.   Premiere Estates holds a unique and powerful advantage in the marketplace that has resulted in recognition from major international publishers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal and more regarding the success of our auction programs.


Premiere Marketing Campaigns Include:

Property Photography

A picture can be worth a thousand words…or millions of dollars.  Our exclusive network of experienced real estate photographers will capture the very best of your property and ensure that every potential buyer’s interest is piqued.  Photography packages include a digital suite of high-resolution interior & exterior imagery (including HDR, if appropriate), aerial photography, color-correction, and post-processing to guarantee perfection in every shot.

Professional Videography

Nothing entices a potential buyer like a high-definition, professionally-produced video showcase of your unique luxury property.  Our videographers bring your home to life with years of experience and Hollywood production-level equipment.  Cutting-edge technologies like aerial drone-mounted cameras capture the grandeur of your property in a dramatic fashion that luxury real estate buyers won’t forget.

Native Advertising

Premiere Estates works with our syndicated partners to provide cutting-edge Native Advertising, which provides placement of your property on the world’s top websites.  The result packs a powerful punch and puts your property in front of the most eyes possible.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting is a digital marketing medium that isolates potential buyers through our proprietary buyer profile.  Buyers are identified through online behavior, and your property is subsequently shown to potential buyers who exhibit the highest level of interest and/or buying potential.

Internet Listing Sites

Over 90% of home buyers begin their home search online.  Premiere Estates will ensure that your home saturates the internet through our relationships with the most prominently-featured Internet Listing Sites. We feature your home on your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and state MLS when applicable.  Your home will also be listed on Realtor.com, Homes.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin.com, Spokeo, HomeFinder, ZipRealty, Homes and Land, Hotpads.com, Hubzu, Listing Book, Loopnet, Estately, Homebuyer.com, and dozens more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With billions of internet search queries each day, it’s imperative in a successful marketing campaign to achieve top placement on the most prominent search engines.  Our powerful alliances with Google, Yahoo, and Bing allow ideal  positioning of your property on the internet, which equates to exponentially-increased visibility of your property on our website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your property will undergo a rigorous Search Engine Optimization campaign that will ensure top organic placement on the first page of all major search engines.  This campaign includes heavy-hitters such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as international search engines like Baidu and Alibaba.


Your property will be syndicated and published to thousands of other national, regional and localized websites as part of a comprehensive web strategy that allows top placement, enhanced reach and increased frequency to your property’s potential buyers.

Marketing to Network Partners

Premiere’s network partners include the Mike Ferry Organization, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Sportstar Relocation, Braun Worldbid, Fortune 500 Companies, celebrities, athletes, wealth managers, and more.  Your property will be personally introduced to each and every one of our powerful network partners, providing unprecedented exposure to the most likely buyers and investors.


We’ll consider a mix of traditional radio that includes talk radio and AM/FM placements as well as digital radio, in cooperation with our partners at Sirius XM, Pandora, and more.


Contrary to popular belief, traditional media is not extinct.  Television ad campaigns can still play an integral role in a successful marketing campaign.  Our secret sauce includes compelling creative of the highest quality in addition to placements that guarantee the highest reach and frequency through our media partners.

Event Marketing

Premiere Estates will plan and host elegant affairs to introduce the buyer pool to your property.  Events can include a series of open houses, galas in cooperation with a charity partner, closed showings, and an eventual culmination in a live, on-site auction.  Our Event Coordination Team will work with the finest caterers, musicians, and decorators to create an elegant event that your buyers won’t forget.


Our in-house telemarketing team performs market research to pinpoint the exact buyer pool for your property.  This information is utilized by our staff to saturate that specific marketing by contacting identified potential buyers and providing them with all of the relevant auction information.  It’s a powerful marketing tool that Premiere Estates has perfected – we average over 5,000 calls during each bespoke marketing campaign to your targeted buyers.

Public Relations

As part of our bespoke marketing campaigns, Premiere Estates will launch a global blitz of public relations.  Our award winning public relations team selects the most relevant and highly prized mediums to pitch and secure placements.  We find that a successful public relations campaign is at the cornerstone of our marketing campaigns.  Our public relations campaigns have earned us the title of the Wall Street Journal’s “House of the Day,” many times over, and reached as far as the UAE, Asia, Australia, and further.

Grassroots Marketing

Just as each property is unique, each marketing campaign is unique.  Sometimes, traditional marketing tactics are not sufficient for a rare property.  We’ll work creatively to compose a grassroots marketing campaign that can include dozens of unique and personalized options.

Outside the Box Marketing

If we defined this, we’d still be in the box.  Which we’re not.